Manee 's Transparency

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Diamond business is considered as the valuable business. People may think that in this kind of business, “reliability” must come first. Though this fact is undeniably true, for Diamonds by Manee, “transparency” must always be the first priority, especially in doing our business. Another equally important factor to be considered is the happiness in doing what we love and sending the precious diamonds, which are the symbols of love, to our special customers.

Diamonds by Manee, the symbol of gratitude

In 2003, Diamonds by Manee was firstly established in Thailand under the name of Manee Diam. Later in 2014, Diamonds by founded. Both of the companies trade genuine diamonds of all sizes, from small to large-sized, as well as the diamonds with and without certificate. The only difference is that Diamonds by Manee aims to approach customers via online marketing or E-commerce.

Mr. Nilesh Italia, the founder of Diamonds by Manee, named the company after his grandmother “Manee”, the diamond business pioneer of his family. Additionally, the word Manee represents the jewels derived from the precious ancient stones which are very well-know across Asia continent.

Manee 's Lineage

Before taking the path of a diamond entrepreneur, Mr. Nilesh Italia followed his dream to become an engineer by studying in the Faculty of Engineering. Unfortunately, his result was not as he expected. He then realized that being an engineer might not be his ultimate dream.

After that, Mr. Nilesh Italia then began to learn his father’s diamond business before he discovered that the pleasure of this business is not in the process of trading but the process of generating a piece of diamond. Despite the difficulties, people involved in this business are all delightful as if they are listening to Hindi music while working. Then the happiness goes on; when we obtain the glitteringly beautiful diamonds, the jewelers and the customers are both impressed. Mr. Nilesh Italia believes that we can pass the happiness on to others through our diamonds. The impressive smile of the customers and the laughter when they get to possess the valuable jewel are the greatest pleasure which worth more than money.

Mr. Nilesh Italia began trading diamond in Mumbai Market before his friend told, “Thailand is the beautiful country and filled with good people. These diamonds are suitable for them, you should penetrate Thailand’s diamond market.”

Mr. Nilesh himself fell in love with the country; besides, he perceived the opportunity in his diamond business, thus, he selected the team with identical ideology, included his brother, Mr. Prakash Italia and Mr. Amrish Patel, the veteran who has been in India’s diamond market for more than 10 years, to penetrate the diamond market in Thailand until they are acknowledged internationally.

From that day on, the diamond business has been implanted deeply in Manee’s lineage.

The Business that Aims to Create Relationship Rather Than Trading

Many customers of Diamonds by Manee are not merely the customers. Many of them turn to be Mr. Nilesh’s close friends because we are not only trading diamonds but also creating unbreakable relationship with the customers.

They do not take an interest in the stereotype people have towards Indian people since they believe that this is the new generation that holds firmly to the transparency. Without transparency, Diamonds by Manee may not have come this far and become the international diamond business. Though time has passed, “transparency” will always be in minds of Manee’s people.

Manee 's Success

Diamonds by is one stop service business. We are diamonds producer, importer, exporter, wholesaler and retailer. Our materials are from Mumbai and Surat, world’s largest diamond center in India. We pay close attention to every single production process and create the symbols of love as the customers wish since we have our own factory so we can thoroughly classify diamonds according to their grades and sizes. Moreover, we are the diamond dealer so we can provide great quality diamonds for the leading accessories companies and the customers who want to customize their own accessories. We have plenty of diamonds, more than you have ever imagined, so we assure to provide you with the accessories you dream of.

“Transparency” as the Heart of Our Business

The success of Diamonds by are the glistening diamonds with 4Cs quality and, above all, the transparency not only in diamonds but also in doing our business. We have conducted the transparent business for more than 25 years and we promise to keep this standard forever.