Member's  Terms & Conditions


Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully before you start using our website.

1) You shall provide information as required to register for the service and ensure the information submitted is accurate, current and complete. If, on reasonable grounds, the information is suspected to be inaccurate, not current or incomplete, The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate, in part or in full the SERVICE for you.

2) Customer is eligible to get a membership card on minimum purchase of 1000 $ from 21st Feb. 2018 onwards.

Membership card
1) Manee Diam's each card carries a unique number which purpose of enquiry and calculation of points, Or for redeeming other related benefits.
Point accumulation:
i) For every 10$ = 2 point (Apply on purchase of certified diamonds).
ii) For every 10$ = 1 point (Apply on purchase of without certified diamonds).

The conversion rate is 1 point = 0.02 $.
2) Point validity period:
Till every next Bangkok exhibition, points earned will expire at the end of every next exhibition month.
i) (For example, points earned from February 2018 to September 2018 are valid till 30 September 2018).
ii) (Points earned from September 2018 to February 2019 are valid till 28 February 2019).

3) Point redemption:
Points can be redeemed for use in purchases at next Bangkok exhibition month.
i) For example Points earned from Feb 2018 to Sep 2018 can redeem in Sep 2018. (Whole month).
ii) Points earned from Oct. 2018 to Feb 2019 can redeem in Feb 2019. (Whole month)

4) Redemption Type:
a) With the use of the service, point redemption will be granted through various forms. (For example, cash discount, gift voucher, Lucky draw, Charity donation etc...)
b) You are entitled only to convert the points granted into designated service or products according to the Company’s relevant provisions.

5) Minimum 500 points are required to maintain at all the time.

6) This Card cannot be Transfer to another Person.

7) This Card must represented in Order to redeem the points.

8) Card holder must prove their identity.

9) The Card is a manee diam's discount card, not a payment card.

1) You confirm that you have full knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of all the terms and conditions Card Of this Agreement upon issuance of the Manee Diam’s card.

2) You agree that the Company reserves the right to cancel or amend this Agreement at any time, in the COMPANY’s sole discretion, by posting any such amendment(s) to the COMPANY's website without Prior and separate notice.

" Thank you "