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Are Diamonds A Good Investment?

Those who love investment may have ever had a question of how to capitalize their savings. They may wonder if it is worth investing on diamonds since, nowadays, there are plenty of ways to invest; for instance, the investment in currency market, funds, stock exchange or even the investment in assets such as gold or immovable properties. Therefore, I wrote this article with the intention to give some interesting information about diamond investment, which I hope will be useful for everyone.

Diamond, the King of Gemstones

Due to the belief that genuine diamonds possess the special properties that do not appear in other types of gemstones, for diamond is considered to be the strongest mineral according to Moh’s scale (1). Besides, its sparkle is the result of the carbon crystal arrangement in octahedron shape, like 2 pyramids joining together (2). Another special quality of diamond is its numerous colors since there are pure white diamonds as well as the fancy color ones. These properties together make diamonds the unique gemstone.

 Shape, Color and Cutting: the Uniqueness of Diamond

In the jewelry markets, there are diamonds with various shapes with different levels of popularity such as round, princess, pear or heart. However, in the present time, most people are interested in round shape diamonds (3)(4); consequently, if you are thinking of investing in diamonds, round shape diamonds seem to be the best choice. For cutting, I would advise you to select the diamonds that are cut by the skillful craftsmen, since diamonds with excellent cutting will reflect the light and give out glittering shine; this kind of diamond is worth an investment.

Diamond, the king of gemstone, with perfect cutting is one of a kind and cannot be copied, especially, the large diamonds with high level of clarity and low level of impuritieswhich are often expensive and popular among the diamond lovers (5).

The Timeless Value of Diamonds   

Diamond investment is similar to other types of investments since there is also trading volatility. However, prices of diamonds tend to increase continuouslyfor the long-term investment, 3 – 5 years; thus, diamonds are worth investing (6). Furthermore, unlike other types of assets, diamonds have incomparable sentimental value, particularly, the rare ancient diamonds that have high demand in diamond market.

The Certified Diamonds

In diamond investment, we need to select the qualified diamonds with the certificates to guarantee their quality. There are various institutes that issue the certificates namely Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and HRD Antwerp, the gemological institute of Belgium, which are the two internationally approved institutes. Besides, there are also many other secondary institutes such as IGI, AGS and EGL. Purchasing the certified diamonds can help reducing the risks of the investors (7).

Now you may understand how worthy the diamond investment is. Hope this article is useful for all diamond lovers and the investors who are interested in investing on this precious gemstone.


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