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Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Thinking of a way to capitalize your savings? Here is all you need to know!

Diamonds are a good investment for several reasons. Most recently, these precious 'everlasting' gemstones have already proven their security aspect for investment purposes, as they offer protection against any credit risks of banks or financial institutions, currency fluctuations and inflation. All of which are major concerns during the coronavirus pandemic.

Our MANEE Experts have put together this article to ensure all details on investing in diamonds are found here. If you may have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask our experts.

Diamonds are 'Crisis Resistant' Investments

Diamonds are considered secure - crisis resistant - investments. This is especially important in 2020, as no one could have predicted that such a pandemic would occur, but also would adversely affect the global market.

Moreover, the macro-economic law of supply and demand indicates a structural increase of the diamond prices on the world market.

Observed Long Term Profitability of Diamonds

Increasing Demand: The rapidly growing middle class in BRIC Countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), who are eager to take over the habits of the elite population, has a direct effect on the pricing of diamonds in the world market.

Decreasing Supply: There haven't been any significant diamond mine discoveries in the past few decades, and currently operating costs will structurally increase as mines are forced to descend to deeper layers.

Maximize return on investment during resale

This exclusivity leads to a limited amount of buyers and this in turn means that it will require more time to resell these diamonds at a desirable price.

To maximize your return investment during resale, MANEE experts advise to invest in diamonds with carat weights between 1 to 5 carat. With these investment diamonds, the combination of 'stability, liquidity & profitability' is ideal.

Security with Certified Diamonds

Certified Diamonds enables to objectively identify, test, verify and price diamonds for purchase and resale purposes.

At MANEE we sell diamonds certified from the most renowned diamond institutes:

  • GIA : Gemological Institute of America
  • HRD : High Diamond Council - Hoge Raad voor Diamant
  • IGI : International Gemological Institute

To find certified diamonds click here.

Selective Liquidity

Despite the absence of a public trading platform, diamonds remain highly liquid assets. This liquidity can strongly vary depending on two categories:

Commercial Grade Diamonds : Widespread demand for colorless high quality diamonds between 1 and 3 carats with at least a G color and VS2 clarity.

Very Rare Diamonds : Collector's market with very large stones, intensely colored stones or exceptionally well cut stones with fancy shapes.

Exceptional Emotional Value

Diamonds are not only from the rational point of view an interesting investment. The emotional value cannot be underestimated and is in many cases priceless. Investing in diamonds equals investing in exceptional natural beauty.

Light in weight, they represent great value. Received as a gift or inheritance, diamonds exude a high emotional value.

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