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  • Secret tips to keep your diamond ring sparkling

    Many fine jewelries are mostly made from diamonds such as ring, pendants, necklace, because it beautifullyreflects when comes to the light which help compliment your look to be glamorous and effortlessly sophisticated ...

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  • How to verify that the diamonds bought are the same diamonds on the certificate.

    Uh-oh. Looks like there's a problem.The diamond you bought has a certificate,but it's not for your diamond!It's obvious that when we buy a diamond,a certification would make it more trustable ...

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  • Let's get to know synthetic diamond.

    A diamond is so shiny and beautiful and it is always captivating the eyes of people. They are actually made from carbon , which is then heated and pressurized on. A crystal is then formed , it is very hard and durable ...

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  • Why women should compare to diamonds?

    A classic wording in comparing women like diamonds, have you everwonder how women are like the diamonds? Diamonds have always been associated with women, here are more story telling about them ...

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  • Are Diamonds A Good Investment?

    Those who love investment may have ever had a question of how to capitalize their savings. They may wonder if it is worth investing on diamonds since, nowadays, there are plenty of ways to invest;for instance,the investment in currency market ...

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  • What to Choose Between Buying Diamonds Online and Offline

    It is undeniable to say that nowadays social media has played such a significant role in our daily life. Most financial transactions and other activities have been conducted online ...

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