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Let's get to know synthetic diamond.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the diamond ring on your finger and how it was created?

 How is diamond created?

A diamond is so shiny and beautiful and it is always captivating the eyes of people. They are actually made from carbon , which is then heated and pressurized on. A crystal is then formed , it is very hard and durable. To become a diamond, it would take thousands of years being buried at the upper mantle of the earth , 150 to 250 kilometers deep with a temperature of around 1,700 - 2,500 degree Celsius with a pressure of around 70,000 kilograms/square cm.

A crystal carbon would be buried under rocks and the magma would push them into the surface of the earth. With a volcano eruption the rocks would get heated.

Wind power and the flow of water for many centuries would eventually make the crystal carbon escape. And it would also get cleaned up by the flow of water.

From the creation of diamonds to becoming a synthetic diamond.

From learning about the creation of diamond, scientist was able to create a synthetic diamond by aligning the atoms in carbon in the graphite ore. It is done by heating so that the bonds of the carbon atoms would weaken. It is then pressured so that the atoms would be closer to each other making them more tight. To change graphite into diamond , it needs to be heated at a temperature of around 2,760 degree celsius and a pressure of around 100,000 kilogram/square cm.

From the statement above , you can notice that carbon is the main part of a synthetic diamond. The specification the synthetic diamond is very close to a real one. But when the end product is done , it is noticeably smaller and also with a color of greenish yellow or a sugar color. To make a synthetic diamond in a bigger size with no discoloration , it is possible for scientist to make them. Out of this , there is still artificial diamond. Which is made out of an ore or another synthetic elements that does not include carbon. When it is made and cut , it shines almost like a natural and synthetic diamond. Artificial diamonds that are known comes in 6 types.

  1. 1. Cubic Sirconia or Russian diamond. It is the most well known artificial diamond out of all. It is not as strong as a real diamond but it shines just like one , making it one of the reason why it's so well known. It is synthetically made with zirconia and calium.
  2. 2. Yttrium (Aluminium garnet) or Diamomiar , it cost a little bit lesser than diamond. It's brightest and it's ability to spread light is low.
  3. 3. Gadolinium gallium garnet , it is very close to a real diamond.  It spreads light almost as well as a real one.
  4. 4. Strontium titanate , it's ability to spread light is actually stronger than a real diamond. It's very blingy and shiny but it's color is weaker than a real diamond.
  5. 5. Synthetic rutile , or also known as Titania. It refracts light fairly well and it spreads light excellently. It is the most beautiful artificial diamonds out of all the artificial ones. But it is not as pure as the other ones making it slightly yellow.
  6. 6. Synthetic appire and synthetic spinel is one of the first artificial diamonds created. It is not as bright as a real diamond and doesn't reflect as well but it is very strong.

It takes so much effort to create a synthetic diamond, diamond we use to create rings , earrings, necklaces , bracelet and other type of jewelry. It takes a lot of effort for them to be on our ears , our hands and our body, which makes it way more valuable. It also makes the person who's wearing them look fashionable and luxurious that it might even seem unimaginable.


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