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"The sparks will fly - and your diamond will shine - when you follow these tips"

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Many fine jewelries are mostly made from diamonds such as ring, pendants, necklace, because it beautifullyreflects when comes to the light which help compliment your look to be glamorous and effortlesslysophisticated.Diamonds are treasure and valuable asset, so it must be remaining beautifulto keep its original sparking in the best possible condition to depreciate over time, here I have some good tips for you to takinggood care your diamond jewelries.

    1. 1. Avoid exposing your diamond jewelries tochemical cosmetics such as perfume, lotion, spray. These chemicals will cause discoloration over time and dullness as the light cannot shine through it to make it sparkle.
    2. 2. Keep away from sweat, because it will chemically allergy to your diamonds and dirt restricts light from entering the diamond, dulling its sparkle.
    3. 3. Take your diamond jewelry to a professional jeweler once a year to regularly checkto make sure they are in good shape and any damaged condition. They will also clean it for your beautifully sparking diamonds.
    1. 4. If your diamonds are made to jewelry, please make it clean by easy soaking in soap water, let it dry andrinse the jewelrythoroughly in warm water. Finish by gentlewiping the jewelry with a soft,  lint-free microfiber cloth.
    2. 5. Avoid handling diamonds directly but hold its body
    1. 6. Keep diamond away from Chlorine, it will cause to discoloration.
    2. 7. Keep diamonds separately from metal surface to avoid the scratches.
    3. 8. Regularly clean your diamonds once a week. Your diamonds jewelry will look like new and sparkle. 
    4. 9. If you clean your diamond at sink, beware that it won’t fall in the bottom-mountsink.
    5. 10. Softly polishyour diamonds to keep its shine with soft brushor toothbrush then wash it thoroughly with pure water.Finish by gentlewiping the jewelry with a soft lint-free microfiber cloth(1)
  1. 11. Vodka is another traditional way to clean your diamond jewelries. Drop your ring into a shot glass filled with a clear hard alcohol like vodka or gin. Allow the ring to soak for several hours. The ethanol content is a natural solvent that dissolves dirt molecules attached to the diamond.(2)
  2. 12. Baking soda is a popular cleaning technique for diamonds, combine baking soda for1-2 spoons in hot water to create paste, soak jewelries in it for few minutes and gently scrub, rinse thorough warm water and gentlewiping the jewelry with a soft lint-free microfiber cloth. (2)(3)
  3. 13. Sometimes an ultrasonic cleaner is necessary to remove encrusted dirt on diamonds. By sending low frequency sound waves through a solution, ultrasonic cleaners cause vibrating fluid to remove accumulated dirt and grime. But they can also shake loose stones from their mountings or chip the girdles of diamonds that are set next to each other. Proceed cautiously if the diamond contains feathers or is included, and avoid ultrasonics if the diamond has been treated by fracture filling.(3)

Just follow these easy tips, the diamonds lover like you willsurely enjoy taking good care your beloved diamonds and it will be with you long lasting.


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