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Gentlemen's Guide: Men's Diamond Jewelry

"Carefully curated diamond jewelry that adds class and sophistication to the true Gentleman."

Men and Diamonds go a long way

The earliest record for when men started wearing diamonds is in 320-296 BCE in India. Diamonds were represented as a symbol of wealth, power and taste. Soon, demand for diamonds grew and spread amongst the upper class and diamonds were shipped off to european royal families.
Diamonds still represent a social status with an additional charm to match any fashion style. Today we see stylish men from Tom Cruise, David Beckham to Dome Pakorn Lam and Jetsaporn Porndee adorn themselves with diamonds.

What jewelry can a men wear?

A lot of (young) men feel like a watch is the only accessory they can wear. Though a stylish watch definitely is a great addition to an outfit, there are a lot of different diamond options to complete a look.
There are traditional diamond jewelry pieces for men like cufflinks , tie pins, signet rings, and wedding rings. However, the modern man knows the list doesn't end here. Nowadays, men also wear diamond bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Let's explore the different categories of diamond jewelry for guys.

Wedding rings for men

The wedding ring one does not need a lot of explaining: it is the ring that shows your commitment to your loved one. It is not uncommon for men to wear a wedding ring with one or more diamonds in it. After all, the diamond represents strength and love. Isn't that what marriage is all about?
Wedding rings for men come in all sorts and shapes. Some contain one (large) diamond, like a solitaire ring. Others feature a cluster of diamonds. But there are also men who prefer something less flashy and rougher.

Signet rings for men

A signet ring is one of the oldest pieces of jewelry fashioned by men.This ring has a flat round part on top with an engraving on it. This engraving was used to make a print in (candle) wax to seal or sign important official documents.Signet rings were meant to be worn by kings and wealthynoblemen. Nowadays, every man is a king! The flat top makes it comfortable for men to wear as an everyday accessory.

Bracelets for men

Men often go for the leather bracelet, this often gives a scruffy young look. It doesn’t reflect the sophisticated man that you are. For a refined look, you probably want to wear something with more class. More and more men discovered the charm of diamond bracelets. In general, there are two diamond bracelets for men: link bracelets and tennis bracelets. Especially the tennis bracelet with black diamonds is great an option for men.

Necklaces & Pedants for men

For diamond necklaces, we make a distinction between real necklaces and pendants. Pedants are loose items that come without a chain. There are no real extravagant necklaces for men, apart from a diamond chain perhaps. But there are some options when we look at pendants.

Regarding the pendants, we see that men mainly go for the bigger and bolder pieces. Youwon’t often see a guy rocking a small solitaire pendant, but a diamond statement piece is definitely quite popular. Typical pendants for men include diamond crosses. But also other religious or symbolic signs like zodiac signs is something we see more and more.

Some examples of extravagant Necklaces & Pendants in the above video :

Cufflinks for men

Before cufflinks were worn casually instead of ordinary buttons from the sleeves of your shirt.
Nowadays, cufflinks are being reserved for special occasions such as graduation,important business meetings and – of course – weddings. There are many beautiful different kinds of cufflinks with (semi)precious gemstones.
But our all-time favorites are, of course, cufflinks with diamonds.

Earrings for men

They’re not just for sailors anymore. The adventurous man discovered them already a while ago: diamond earrings for men. Of course, I’m not talking about some diamond dangle drop earrings (though if that’s your thing – go for it). I’m talking about black or white diamond studs. Even a few celebrities were spotted wearing stud diamonds. Whether you wear one or two earrings is completely up to you. Both are accepted. Especially square shaped diamonds are favorites, like a princess or radiant cut diamond.

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